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  • Desilter

    • Desilter
    • Desilter

    Product Overview:

    1. Pure polyurethane cyclone: The cyclone desilter is made of pure polyurethane, which has good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and is suitable for treating solid particles in liquid.
    2. Stainless steel filter screen: The filter screen is used to further filter and separate the fine solid particles in the drilling fluid to ensure the quality and performance of the drilling fluid.
    3. Secondary separation vibrating screen: The vibrating screen is used to further separate the solid phase particles in the drilling fluid and improve the separation efficiency of the solid phase.

    Desilter Details

    Desilters are also known as cyclone desilters, drilling fluid desilters or mud desilters. It is usually used as a three-stage solid control equipment to further treat solid phase particles in drilling fluid to achieve higher solid phase separation effect and better drilling fluid performance.
    The desilter is a three-stage solids control equipment in the drilling fluid solid phase control system. It combines the functions of the cyclone desilter and the vibrating screen, and is mainly used to separate the solid phase particles in the drilling fluid to stabilize and regulate the drilling fluid. technical performance.

    How desilter works
    1. The drilling fluid passes through the sand pump to generate a certain pressure and velocity, and enters the liquid inlet pipe of the cyclone desilter.
    2. Drilling fluid enters spirally along the inner wall of the cyclone to form a swirling flow. Under the action of centrifugal force and gravity, the coarser solid particles spiral down along the inner wall of the cyclone and are discharged from the flow port at the bottom.
    3. The finer solid phase particles spiral up along the cyclone and overflow from the overflow pipe, and then enter the centrifuge of the fourth separation equipment for further purification.
    4. The discharged solid phase particles will fall on the fine mesh vibrating screen below for further separation and processing.

    Desilter Parameters







    50 m3/h

    100 m3/h

    160 m3/h

    200 m3/h

    Cyclone Diameter





    Cyclone Quantity





    Separation Particle Size





    Motor Power

    0.5 KW

    0.5 KW

    0.5 KW

    0.75 KW

    Applicable Field

    Wells less than 100 meters

    Horizontal Directional Drilling

    4000m oil drilling

    Oil drilling above 5000 meters

    Supporting Sand Pump










    Dimension: L×W×H

    1500×800×1800 mm

    1500×1200×1800 mm

    1500×1300×1800 mm

    1500×1500×1800 mm

    The working principle of the desilter is similar to that of the desander. Through the principle of cyclone separation, the larger and smaller solid particles are separated by the particle settling effect. Coarse particles settle to the bottom and are discharged, while fine particles overflow along the overflow pipe, and then further pass through the vibrating screen for further separation and treatment.
    The desilter is one of the very important equipment in the drilling fluid solid phase control system. It can effectively purify drilling fluid, prevent solid particles from damaging drill bits and other drilling equipment, and improve drilling efficiency and safety. With the help of the desilter, the drilling fluid can maintain stability and fluidity to ensure smooth drilling operations.
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