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    86-13735815206 / 86-17392256505
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    Add: Room 804, Building 1, Western Cloud Valley Phase II, Fengxi New Town, Xixian New District, Shaanxi Province

    Who we are

    Xi'an HL Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. (HL Solids Control) is a manufacturer of solids control equipment, solid-liquid separation systems, waste mud treatment systems, and steel and wood foundations. In terms of production and processing, we have 20 years of industrial design capabilities for solid-liquid separation, and our products have been widely used in oil field drilling, horizontal directional drilling (HDD), shield tunneling, waste drilling fluid treatment and other industries.

    HL Factory appearance

    HL Processing Workshop

    HL Processing Workshop

    HL Main Equipment

    Solids control equipment: mud shale shaker, mud cleaner, desander, desilter, vacuum degasser, mud agitator, mud mixer, electronic ignition device, diesel ignition device, mud-gas separator, mud gun, centrifuge, cuttings drying machine, mud mixing funnel and other series of solid control equipment.

    Drilling rig supporting equipment: mud tank, elevated diesel tank, set water tank, drill pipe box, drill cuttings box, steel and wood foundation (rig mats)

    Supporting pumps: centrifugal sand pump, shear pump, 32SB180J spray pump, 32PL spray pump

    HL Main Equipment

    HL Direction

    Oil drilling: solids control equipment is a very important mud processing equipment in oil and gas field exploitation. It plays an important role in removing cuttings, adjusting the proportion of mud, balancing formation pressure, and reducing mud cost during the drilling process, and brings huge economic benefits to drilling construction.
    Solids control equipment mainly include shale shaker, mud cleaner, drilling fluid centrifuge, mud agitator and sand pump.

    HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling): Mud purifier is mainly suitable for large-diameter pile foundation and anti-seepage wall projects that adopt mud wall-fixing and circulating drilling technology in modern foundation engineering construction. At present, this purifier has been widely used in many fields such as trenchless mud recovery, shield mud water balance, construction engineering, bridge pile foundation engineering, river silt cleaning and geothermal well mud purification.

    Environmental protection sewage treatment: Mud does not fall to the ground is often used in the field of environmentally friendly waste mud treatment in oilfields. It can effectively recover the oily components in the drill cuttings, can effectively achieve solidification and transportation, also meets the requirements of environmental protection regulations. It is specially used to treat the discharge from the drilling fluid shaker. Drill cuttings, suitable for oil-based mud (OBM), water-based mud (WBM), Synthetic-based mud (SBM).

    Mine tailings dry discharge: tailings dry discharge is a new tailings disposal technology that has gradually emerged in recent years. It means that the tailings slurry output by the beneficiation process is concentrated in multiple stages and then dewatered by a dewatering vibrating screen. The formation of slag with low water content, easy precipitation and solidification and storage on site, the slag can be transported to a fixed location for dry storage. This technology has gradually become the three main ways and technologies for the treatment and utilization of tailings in large and medium-sized mines, and has broad application prospects.

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    E-mail: sales@hlsolidscontrol.com
    Add: Room 804, Building 1, Western Cloud Valley Phase II, Fengxi New Town, Xixian New District, Shaanxi Province
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