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  • Plate and frame filter press

    • Plate and frame filter press
    • Plate and frame filter press
    • Plate and frame filter press

    Product Overview:

    This plate and frame filter press for drilling fluid is mainly composed of a host, a vehicle-mounted workbench, a lower hopper, a belt conveyor, a filtrate buffer tank, and an automatic control device. The host is composed of a frame, a filter plate, a quick-opening plate device, a hydraulic station, an automatic control cabinet, etc.

    Plate and frame filter press Details

    Automatic chamber filter press for drilling fluid is a kind of equipment to realize the separation of solid and liquid in industrial production. It is used in chemical, ceramic, petroleum, medicine, food, smelting and other industries. At present, the plate and frame diaphragm filter press is mainly used in the drilling field. Filter press and drill cuttings dryer are both important equipment for processing drilling mud waste to achieve solid-liquid separation and dehydration.
    Plate and frame filter press

    Filter Press Working Principle

    A high-pressure conveying device is used to transport the drilling mixture into the filter press. The mixture passes through the filter medium (filter cloth), and the solid stays on the filter cloth and gradually accumulates on the filter cloth to form a filter mud cake. The filtrate part penetrates the filter cloth and becomes a clear liquid without solids.
    Plate and frame filter press

    Filter Press Pictures
    filter press

    Filter Press Using Site
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