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    HL Petroleum 2 Sets Of Folding Mud-Gas Separators Will Be Exported To Pakistan

    Time: 2024-04-09 Source: Author:
    HYQ series atmospheric mud-gas separator is a primary degassing equipment designed by HL Petroleum for gas intrusion drilling fluids. It is the primary treatment equipment of the drilling fluid solids control system, usually set before mud shale shakers, to remove large bubbles with a diameter larger than 3mm in drilling fluid to stabilize the performance of the drilling fluid and ensure drilling safety.

    This time, according to the requirements of our Pakistani client, we designed and produced 2 sets of folding mud-gas separator HYQ1200. The equipment can be folded at 90° in transportation, erected and fixed with the help of a crane when using. The large base underneath is to increase the contact area and helpful to reduce the foundation Load-bearing. The skid-mounted base is designed with exhaust pipe brackets on both sides, which can place 10 pipelines with a total length of 50 meters. The overall structure is designed reasonably and compactly, which can effectively help client save transportation costs. The cylinder diameter of this Mud-gas separator is 1,200mm, the tank volume is 4m³, the MAX working pressure is 1.0 MPa, the daily processing capacity of liquid can reach 8,000m³, and the daily degassing capacity can reach 150,000m³.
    HL Petroleum produce Oilfield Mud Gas Separators of different processing volumes and sizes according to your needs. If you are looking for a full range of oil and gas drilling production solids control equipment such as Mud Pump, desanders, desilter, vacuum degasser, Shale Shaker,mud mixers, Mud tank, Mud Gun,etc, Please choose us.HL Petroleum always insist on supplying customer high quality products and the best service. 
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