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    HL Petroleum exports another batch of drilling fluid desander again

    Time: 2024-01-30 Source: Author: hlsolidscontrol

    Recently, HL Petroleum Equipment Manufacturer announced that another batch of drilling fluid desanders has been successfully manufactured and is about to be shipped to overseas oil exploration sites. As vital equipment in the oil exploration process, the performance and quality of drilling fluid desanders directly impact the efficiency and safety of drilling operations.

    These drilling fluid desanders adopt advanced manufacturing processes and technologies to ensure stable operation in harsh drilling environments. The equipment features abrasion-resistant cast iron cyclones and stainless steel filter screens, effectively separating solid particles in drilling fluids to enhance cleanliness and stability. Furthermore, the equipment is equipped with safety features such as explosion-proof control switches to ensure the safety of operators.
    Another Batch of Drilling Fluid Desanders Exported Again

    HL Petroleum stated that the smooth production of this batch of drilling fluid desanders signifies another milestone in the company's research and development and production capabilities in the field of oil exploration equipment. The company will continue to monitor market demand and technological innovation to provide globally superior, efficient, and safe equipment and services for oil exploration.

    The drilling fluid desanders produced this time will be widely used in drilling operations in major oilfields both domestically and internationally. Industry experts believe that the successful application of this equipment will help improve drilling efficiency, reduce drilling costs, and ensure drilling safety, injecting new impetus into the development of the oil exploration industry.

    In conclusion, the smooth production of this batch of drilling fluid desander is a moment worth celebrating. We believe that in the near future, these devices will play a greater role in oil exploration sites and make greater contributions to the development of the global energy industry.

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    HL Petroleum products are professional, reliable, cost-effective and can be customized.If you are interested in our equipment,please contact us.

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