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  • Oil-based Mud Treatment System

    • Oil-based Mud Treatment System
    • Oil-based Mud Treatment System
    • Oil-based Mud Treatment System

    Product Overview:

    The mud treatment system realizes the perfect combination of process technology and equipment, and truly realizes that the waste drilling mud is not dropped to the ground while drilling, so that the drilling team does not need to dig mud pools, which greatly saves resources and reduces drilling costs.
    The oil-based mud treatment system adopts modular and skid-mounted design, easy to disassemble and move, and can move with the well team.
    Solved the problems of secondary pollution and difficulty in re-cultivation caused by the mud pool occupation.
    Realize the non-ground processing while drilling, and solve the dispersion and fluidity of drilling operations.

    Oil-based Mud Treatment System Details

    The oil-based mud treatment system consists of a high-speed drilling fluid centrifuge (with a screw pump), a cuttings dryer (also called a cuttings dryer, a cuttings drying machine, and a cuttings drying machine) ), dosing device, screw conveyor, cuttings box, etc.

    Oil-based Mud Treatment System Processing Process

    The drilling fluid to be processed is transported to the cuttings dryer (cutting dryer, cuttings drying machine, drilling cuttings drying machine), and the treated drilling fluid mud is transported to the drilling fluid centrifuge for further processing, and the mud liquid after the drilling fluid centrifuge treatment is re-injected into the mud circulation system. The waste after treatment is transported to the cuttings box.
    oil-based drill cuttings treatment system

    HLL700B is suitable for the solid-liquid separation of oil well drilling cuttings. It is mainly used for the treatment of oil-based composite mud. If there are more pure water-based mud or water-based mud, the treatment effect will be reduced. As the composition of the drill cuttings and the particle size of the feed are different, the processing capacity of the spin dryer changes. The specific calibration value can only be obtained after field test. Generally speaking, if the fine particles in the feed increase, the processing capacity decreases.

    HLL700B drill cuttings drying machine works according to the principle of centrifugal filtration. The wet drill cuttings pass through the inlet and enter the space between the screen and the spiral scraper through the cloth cone. Under the action of centrifugal force, water and small particles (centrifugal liquid) pass through the material layer, pass through the screen, flow into the sump on the machine base along the upper cover, and then drain out of the machine through the drain pipes on both sides of the machine. Outside; the drill cuttings are kept inside the screen. Because there is a speed difference between the spiral scraper and the screen, the spiral scraper will scrape the drill cuttings from the screen and push them to the bottom of the screen, thus dewatering The drill cuttings of the same amount are discharged into the collecting funnel under the machine. This dehydration process continues continuously.

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