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    Solids control equipment and solids control systems

    Time: 2024-05-11 Source: Solids Control System Author: Mrek
    With the rapid development of oilfield drilling technology, safe, efficient and low-cost drilling has become an inevitable trend. Drilling fluid performance standards are the prerequisite and guarantee for smooth drilling. In order to balance formation pressure, weighting agents are commonly used in ultra-deep well drilling fluids, accounting for more than 50% of the solid phase volume fraction. The cost of solid phase additives accounts for 10% of the total drilling fluid cost. More than 75%, which sharply increases the cost of drilling fluid.

    The solid phase in the drilling fluid cannot be removed, and will be hydrated and dispersed in the drilling fluid. Then it will become finer and finer through mechanical crushing, and the surface area will increase infinitely, eventually leading to a series of problems. In this case, the solids control system The growing importance of oilfield drilling,

    In the drilling fluid solid control system, the solid phase is divided into useful solid phase and harmful solid phase. Among them, the useful solid phase in the drilling fluid mainly includes bentonite powder, chemical treatment agents, weighting agents, etc. Harmful solids mainly include drill cuttings, inferior clay, sand, etc.

    Impact of Solids Control Systems on Drilling
    The solid control system can effectively recover drilling fluid, purify, cool and other treatments, ensuring that the drilling fluid has good performance in terms of rheology control, anti-collapse ability, lubrication performance, cuttings carrying, leakage prevention and plugging, etc. Keep the drilling fluid in a virtuous cycle.

    By controlling the performance of drilling fluids, the solid control system can effectively reduce the maintenance time and service life of drilling equipment, and reduce the cost of drilling fluids. It is of great significance to improve drilling safety, increase drilling speed, shorten drilling cycles, and save total drilling costs.

    Classification of Solid Phase Control Methods
    1. Mechanical method: Solid control equipment is used to remove harmful solid phases. Mechanical solid phase control method is the most commonly used solid control system solution method. Commonly used mechanical separation equipment include: Mud Shale Shakers, Cyclones, Oilfield centrifuges, etc.

    2. Dilution method (displacement method): The dilution method reduces the solid phase concentration by adding water or thin glue to the drilling fluid.

    3. Chemical flocculation method: Add an appropriate amount of flocculant to turn small particles into large particles, and then remove them mechanically. (used in special circumstances)

    Solid control equipment
    Solid control equipment is the basic equipment of the solid control system. It is used to handle specific solid control links and ensure the effective use of the solid control system. Its main function is to separate and process cuttings, mud, sand and other particles in the drilling fluid, maintain the performance of the drilling fluid and store it. Circulate drilling fluid to improve the physical and chemical properties of drilling fluid to meet the needs of drilling work.

    Common solid control equipment mainly includes: Mud Shale Shaker, Drilling fluid desilter, Vacuum Degasser, Drilling fluid desander, Mud Gas Separator, Decanter Centrifuge, Mud cleaner, mud tank, mud agitators,etc. During the circulation process of drilling fluid, the drilling fluid carrying drilling cuttings is first filtered through the mud vibrating screen to effectively remove the large particles of drilling fluid, and then passes through the mud desilter and mud desander in sequence to remove the small particles. The harmful solid phase is then passed through centrifuges and cleaners for final purification, and finally circulated into the mud tank and circulated into the well by the mud pump for recirculation.

    Solids control equipment directly affects the operation, efficiency, safety, cost and other aspects of the solids control system. Innovation in solids control technology is very important to the improvement of the industry and is a focus of global oil companies.

    HL Petroleum is a solids control equipment manufacturer integrating R&D and production. We have more than 20 years of research, design and manufacturing experience. Its products are widely used in oilfield drilling, horizontal directional drilling (HDD), gas reservoir geothermal drilling, shield tunneling , bridges, drilling waste treatment and other industries.

    HL Petroleum always insists on providing customers with high-quality products and services. We have established long-term cooperative relationships with many oil drilling companies around the world. HL Solids Control products are professional, reliable, cost-effective and customizable. It is a trustworthy brand in the industry!
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