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    Precautions for shutting down the Decanter Centrifuge

    Time: 2024-06-17 Source: Solids Control Equipment Author: Mrek
    The Decanter Centrifuge is a horizontal structure centrifuge, referred to as a Decanter Centrifuge. It is a centrifugal separation equipment that uses a high-speed screw for continuous solid-liquid separation operations, and is often used in oil field drilling and various industrial scenarios.

    The Decanter Centrifuge operates smoothly, has high production efficiency, is easy to use and has strong adaptability. It is suitable for separating suspensions containing solid phase particles greater than 5 μm and a concentration range of 2%~50%. Because there is no filter screen and filter cloth, it will not cause blockage, so it is widely popular. However, compared with vacuum filters and filter presses, Decanter Centrifuges have the disadvantages of high noise and power consumption.

    Oil field drilling has special and complex operating scenarios. Therefore, in the daily use process, the Decanter Centrifuge will inevitably fail due to various problems, which will cause troubles to normal construction. Therefore, mastering scientific usage methods is particularly important to avoid failures.

    In order to ensure that the machine does not fail every time the decanter centrifuge is shut down, we must first cut off the feed before shutting down the equipment and ensure that the internal residue of the centrifuge has been removed cleanly, and then shut down the equipment automatically or manually.

    When manually shutting down the decanter centrifuge, if the program uses the differential automatic control function, we need to switch back to the differential manual control function, then increase the differential value and reduce the speed of the drum, which can promote the centrifuge to discharge slag and cause the solid slag to loosen and discharge from the inner wall of the drum.

    After confirming that the solid slag has been discharged, we can rinse the inside of the centrifuge with clean water and observe the centrifuge outlet. When the discharge changes from turbid to clear, it indicates that the inside of the centrifuge has been cleaned.

    Finally, after confirming that the above steps are correct, we can turn off the drum drive motor, wait for the drum speed to completely drop to zero, and then turn off the spiral motor and the slag discharge system to complete the safe shutdown of the decanter centrifuge.

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