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    HNG18-45 Mud Mixing System For Well Cementing Of Offshore Drilling

    Time: 2024-04-08 Source: Solids Control System Author: hlsolidscontrol
    The HNG18-45 mud mixing system is designed by HL Petroleum for well cementing of offshore drilling. It can disperse the cementing materials evenly and quickly into the wellbore, ensure the smooth progress of the cementing site.
    In view of the particularity of offshore drilling, we have made the following designs:
    * Compact structure, and easy to install. This mixing system is mainly composed of one set of 18m³ mud tank, one horizontal centrifugal pump and one jet mixing hopper, two sets of 15KW mud agitators. The mud treatment capacity can reach 120m³/h.The tank body adopts an arc-shaped +corrugated structure to avoid the accumulation of sediment at the bottom of the tank. The base adopts 3 national standard I-beams as the bottom beam, and the hanging shafts are set at both ends to make it into a ship-shaped skid-mounted structure, which can meet the short-distance towing on site.
    * Wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials used, with long service life, suitable for offshore drilling.The pump case, impeller and flow parts of the centrifugal pump are made of ductile iron, which can transport sandy mud.
    * The whole system adopts explosion-proof circuit design, with an explosion-proof grade of BT4 and a protection grade of IP56 to meet the requirements of offshore drilling.
    * Humanized design, easy to operate. Anti-skid steel plates and breathable steel gratings are laid on the top of the tank to ensure personnel safety. Manholes are set up on the tank surface to facilitate personnel to observe the liquid level and maintenance. There is a liquid level scale in the tank to facilitate operators to observe the liquid level in real time and replenish or discharge mud in time.
    Using this mud mixing system, it is easy to add materials, stir and transport mud on offshore drilling platforms.
    HL Petroleum focuses on providing you with solutions for drilling fluid solid control and mud treatment.
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    WeChat: 86-13735815206 / 86-17392256505
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    Add: Room 804, Building 1, Western Cloud Valley Phase II, Fengxi New Town, Xixian New District, Shaanxi Province
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