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    How to replace wearing parts of mud pump

    Time: 2024-05-14 Source: Solids Control Equipment Author: Mrek
    alve and valve seat
    Remove the valve cover, cylinder head, cylinder head plug and positioning plate of the mud pump, pull out the insert plate assembly, take out the valve stem guide (lower), valve spring and valve body (including valve rubber, valve nut, etc.). Use the special tool for the hydraulic valve puller that comes with the machine to pull out the upper discharge valve seat and the lower suction valve seat respectively.

    Clean the mating surfaces of the upper and lower valve seat holes of the mud pump (use high-quality cleaning agent), and confirm that each valve seat hole is very clean and dry (no dirt, grease, rust inhibitor, etc.). Use emery paper to remove all burrs on the surface. The sandpaper should be circulated along the valve seat hole.

    Thoroughly clean and dry the valve seat, install the suction and discharge valve seats into the valve cavity hole, install the valve body, and tap the upper part of the guide rod with a copper rod hammer to make the valve seat in place. Reinstall the valve spring and other parts.

    Cylinder liner, piston
    Remove the mud pump spray pipe assembly and clamp, move the middle tie rod, and withdraw the cylinder liner gland. At the same time, take out the cylinder liner and piston.

    When assembling, first clean the piston rod and piston, install the piston sealing ring into the groove of the piston core, install the piston on the piston rod, and tighten the nut on the piston rod. Apply grease to the inner circle of the cylinder liner and the outer circle of the piston. Install the piston rod into the cylinder liner, and use hardwood or special tools to drive the piston into the cylinder liner.

    Install the cylinder liner sealing ring into the counterbore of the mud pump cylinder. Install the wear plate via the studs into place. Then install the cylinder liner flange, apply Loctite 277 to the inner hole of the nut, and tighten the nut.

    Install the cylinder liner sealing ring, apply grease on the inner surface of the mud pump cylinder liner gland, and then put it on the cylinder liner. Install the cylinder liner locking ring and O-ring. Apply grease to the threads of the cylinder liner gland, screw the cylinder liner into the cylinder liner flange, and tap it tightly. Then install the clamp. Before installing the clamps, install the fenders first.

    When the clamp wears, the two lobes will tend to get closer. If there is no gap, the clamp is not working and the clamp should be replaced. Then install the cylinder liner end cap on the rear of the cylinder liner.

    The above is how to replace the wearing parts of the mud pump. I hope it can help you. HL Petroleum is a professional solids control system provider. We produce a full range of solids control equipment and drilling equipment and accessories. We have 20 years of R&D and production experience. Our business covers the world, please contact us if you need it.
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