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    What is a centrifugal pump casing?

    Time: 2023-07-28 Source: Author: hlsolidscontrol
    The centrifugal pump casing is one of the main components of the centrifugal pump, also known as the pump casing or the pump volute. It is a shell-like member that wraps around the impeller of a centrifugal pump.
    One of the main functions of the pump casing is to guide the liquid smoothly into the impeller. When the liquid enters the pump casing through the inlet, the pump casing will guide the liquid to the inlet of the impeller, ensuring that the liquid is evenly distributed on each blade of the impeller.
    When the liquid is rotated at high speed by the impeller, the liquid with kinetic energy will flow out from the impeller. The design of the pump casing enables it to collect the liquid flowing out from the impeller at high speed and guide it to the lower impeller or to the outlet to change the flow direction of the liquid.
    centrifugal pump casing
    The working principle of a centrifugal pump is to convert kinetic energy into pressure energy through the rotation of the impeller. After the pump casing passes through the impeller, the kinetic energy in the liquid is converted into pressure energy, so that the pressure of the liquid can be increased, so that it can flow out of the pump body smoothly.
    The pump casing connects other components such as the impeller, pump casing and outlet piping, ensuring they work in the correct position and alignment. At the same time, the pump casing also provides structural support for the centrifugal pump, ensuring the stability and reliability of the entire pump assembly.
    The pump casing ensures the efficient operation of the centrifugal pump and plays an important role in handling various applications. Xi'an HL produces centrifugal pump casings and other centrifugal pump accessories. Welcome to consult us for more details.
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